Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Disneyland Spring 2008

Mama's turn on Ariel's Carousel.

Time to leave....wait! We need a family picture! Who cares if it's past midnight? We must document the fun! Quick grab a stranger! Daddy's face is half hiding? Oh well. We got a pic. Let's go.

Wait! Can't forget the brothers in their first matching outfits! (Mama is *just* off camera holding her breathe & ready to catch at the slightest wobble!)

Quintin's First Trip To Disneyland

This is pretty much how Quintin spent his first trip to Disneyland....in fact it's how he spends most of our trips to Disneyland. :-) March 2008

Ethan and Daddy take their 3rd spin on Ariel's Carousel at California Adventure. This is probably his favorite ride in the park. He's really into fish right now. March 2008

Ethan's Fun New Experiences

Ethan's latest passion: trains. Shortly after this photo he gets his first ride! Fall 2006?

Ethan plays peekaboo at the science museum. Spring 2007?

Shopping at the science museum. Spring 2007?

Daddy gets silly during Ethan's first trip to Disneyland. September 2007

Ethan learns to milk a cow at the pumpkin patch. October 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25th Recent photos

This is Kathleen May 23, 2007.

This is Ethan Sledding in Utah sometime close to New Year's Day 2006/07.

This is Ethan at Christmas 2006.